Monday, July 27, 2015

Presidential Politics Moves To Comedy Central

With each new politically incorrect statement that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth the beltway pundits ad political elites loudly proclaim, with great self assurance, that he has finally gone to far or signed with own death warrant etc. etc. etc. And then the next batch of poll data comes out a Trump gains another two points.

No mea culpas from the talking heads over their previous or previous or previous failed predictions just new ones about the latest "Trumpism".

Just a few months months ago we were all being fed the learned wisdom that the 2016 race was going to come down to Clinton vs. Bush and the rest of the candidates and what they said or what the voting public thought was just entertainment and window dressing.

Well here we are today and Jeb Bush has gained about as much worn out tire on rain slick highway.  Hillary Clinton is increasing being seen as the worn out, vindictive, untrustworthy, political hack has been.  It's hard to say whether it's her poll numbers or the turnouts for her events that are going south the fastest.

The latest headline on Drudge "Democrats for Jeb" links to a story at  Bloomberg news about prominent wealthy Democrats holding fundraisers for Jeb Bush.  An act of desperation both pitiful and laughable.

If one were to ask for a demonstration that there isn't a dime's worth of difference between the elites of the two parties there could be no better one.

The election cycle is nowhere near reaching its peak yet so no doubt there will be a full array of knives brought out and directed at the Donald.  If the current trend continues the political elites will grow even desperate and desperate people spawn desperate acts. I can only hope that Mr. Trump's security team is numerous, well versed and well paid.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Self Inflicted Wounds Part II

As I previously stated I have always considered the Civil War to be the South’s self-inflicted wound.  That said the South was not the only victim of the conflict.  As the North developed industrially, the South consciously decided not to and to cling to a way of life that they regarded as static and unchangeable. Slavery was part and parcel of this system, and although it was not the only issue between the North and South it was the major one.  The ongoing conflicts in Congress during the first half of the 19th century over maintaining balance between “free” and “slave” states as the nation grew is more than ample testimony to that fact. 

By the time the war ended hundreds of thousands, both Northerners and Southerners were dead or maimed for life, so was the antebellum way of life.  Worse still the issue of “States Rights” was laid in its grave for all the states and the so-called progressives have been shoveling dirt on it for 150 years.  As historian Shelby Foote put it, America was transformed from The United States are to The United States is.  Today pride in or love of the state where you live seems to have been reduced to little more than what college basketball or football team you cheer for. 

This latest spasm of assaults on anything and everything Confederate or Southern is but a trampling on the grave.  In reality those behind it are seeking to impose a politically correct, homogenous, orthodoxy that is both anti-white and anti-Christian, on the entire nation.  Such can never be, never will be and never should be.  They are attempting to force all those who disagree with them into the impossibility of trying to prove a negative.  For the left it is axiomatic that if you take pride in your Southern heritage you must by default be a racist. If you don’t support gay marriage you must by default be homophobic.  I you want to build a fence on the Mexican border you must by default be racist and anti-immigrant.  For these ideologs there can be no other explanation, either contemplated, accepted or respected. 

These left-fascists refuse to accept that any argument coming from a white person that one can be racial but not racist.  They argue from a position irrationality and hypocrisy. Their politicians flock to the conventions of La Raza and the NAACP, they openly stand with black racist hate mongers like Louis Farrahkan and Malik Shabazz and all is well and good, but let a single white person raise the subject of defending or having pride in the accomplishments of their race and the are immediately shouted down and condemned as a closet KKK or Aryan Nation member. 

If the Quaker theologian Elton Trueblood were still alive he would accuse them of what he called the “sin of contemporaneity”.  Judging and as in this case making blanket condemnations of persons and events long past based on the standards of today is a fool’s errand.  It is sophistry and it is deceitful.  In the simplest of terms it’s akin to throwing out the baby with the bath water.  Slavery didn’t begin with the tobacco and cotton plantations of the American South and it sure as hell didn’t end with Lee’s surrender at Appomattox’s Court House.  The earliest records of slavery go back to 4000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia and it’s still practiced today in much of the Arab and African worlds.  The civil war in the Darfur region of southern Sudan was as much about the Muslim Arabs of the north carrying the black Christians of the south off into slavery as anything else.  The Boko Haram fanatics in northern Nigeria regularly slaughter Christians and those they don’t kill (usually young girls) they sell into slavery.
If these leftists really believe that “black lives matter” and that slavery is still an issue today, I’d argue that their energies might be better spent confronting that evil where it still exists instead of worrying about symbols of an era long since past.  One might say that that is common sense but there are even some on the left who argue that just being white is inherently racist and that since the structures of logic and reason are the products of white European culture they are therefore racist themselves. I guess that would make trying to explain the fallacy of circular reasoning another fool’s errand. That these people actually think of themselves as intelligent just makes my head hurt.

Monday, July 13, 2015

One More Thing To Piss Off Putin.

As the average American what or where Moldova is and you'll get looked at like you're joking or at best a shrug of the shoulders. Rest assured Putin knows and he's not happy about the latest goings on.

Before World War One Romania was know as Rumania and was not much larger than its southern neighbor Bulgaria. After the war however it grew to one of the largest countries in Europe, taking in swaths of the former Austria-Hungary known as Transylvania, a small slice of northeastern Bulgaria and a large section of the former Russian Empire extending eastward almost to the port city of Odessa. At that time it was known as Bessarabia. All these area contained large majorities of Romanians.

When Stalin signed the nonaggression pact with the Nazis part of the secret protocols it contained was German aquessience to the Soviets seizing the Baltic states and Bessarabia from Romania. The southern sections where their were large numbers of Ukrainians be came part of the Ukrainian S.S.R.  The rest became know as the Moldovan A.S.S.R. a nominally autonomous sub state of the Soviet Empire that was in fact tightly controlled by Moscow.

After the collapse Moldova quickly joined what became known as "The flight of the Sovereigns". Today many Moldovans have become increasingly weary of governmental inefficiency, corruption and its inability to control Russian meddling along its northern frontier.  Accordingly there has been a growing number protest rallies calling for reintegration into Romania. The reason it had not happened earlier is of course that even after the fall of the Soviet Union, Romania was still in the grip of the evil Chouchescu family. Apparently some Moldovans now want reunification and the NATO membership that would come with it.

The prospect of more NATO forces right on another border of Ukraine must have Putin pissed off if not loosing sleep.  Appears Russians aren't the only chess players in Europe. check to you Vladie boy!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Counting Down To Terror On Wall Street.

9:30 AM at the NYSE is looming.

Despite the assurances of the talking heads that it wouldn't happen the contagion from the Greek default has begun. Several Italian bank stocks opened down limit and others did not open at all as bond holders began dumping Italian and Spanish debt overnight.

The Chinese markets remain precariously unstable.

Gold and silver futures remain languid after a short but sharp rise on opening is Asia. A sign of growing desperation? Perhaps. Hard to say just yet where the bond dumpers are putting their cash just yet. If the are turning to PMs it wouldn't be the first time the J.P. Morgans of the world issued paper against assets they don't own. The question won't be answered until issues come due.  Will they roll or demand physical or continue to take massive bribes to roll. Depends on how nervous they get over the next week.

One thing is certain. Never underestimate the Central Banks power to extend and pretend.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Here Is A Question.

Here is a question for all the celebrating Rainbow fascists out there.  Mississippi's Attorney General has already said his state will not comply with the SCOTUS ruling; If even a fraction of the other 33 states that have either voted or legislated against same sex marriage take a similar stand just how does the Obama administration think they are going to enforce it? Do they think they can go in and arrest entire state legislatures? What if they send in Federal troops to try and they find their way blocked by the National Guard and State Troopers?  Seriously I don't think this over yet.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Republic Is Doomed; And Now The Chaos Begins. Rev.2

I give it two months before the militant homosexuals start filing law suits against individual churches for refusing to conduct their blasphemous weddings. They will do this not because that want to be married in this church or that church. There are plenty of Episcopal Churches that have long since sold out their last vestige moral principles to which they could go. No they will be filing suits as a political instrument to try and destroy the Church and Christianity itself. They do not seek to secure their "rights," they seek to destroy the Church as a political enemy, but they are also a useful instrument for power hungry fascists by which they seek even more power.

This is the same tactic they have used to target bakers, florists, caterers etc. who have no doubt respectfully declined their business. The courts have ruled that freedom of religion and individual moral principle be damned and those businesses and individuals now face bankruptcy of their business if not their persons. State officials have decreed, and courts have upheld them that these people must not even speak of the tyranny that has been unleashed upon them!

I have certain doubts that many in the homosexual community want nothing to do with this and just want to lead their lives and go about their business in peace. These militants represent only a small minority of a small minority and a political cancer,

Justice Scalia is absolutely correct. By these abominable rulings the courts are usurping the most fundamental of freedoms.  The freedom to govern ourselves in our communities. Not only is the issue of States Rights a dead letter but now the very concept of "WE THE PEOPLE" has been eviscerated and usurped with a finality that is both tragic and treasonous.

The republic is doomed. When the courts become instruments in the destruction of Churches and individuals who don't practice "the right kind" of government approved Christianity, or dare speak out against oppression, they have stuck their finger into the eye of God and so much as said they no longer want or need his providence or protection. The decay and corruption that took 400 years to destroy Rome will unfold within but a single generation in America.

The destruction will be accelerated by a generation of imbeciles who graduate from our schools charged with emotion rather than reason, devoid of any knowledge of history or civics, possessed of few if any marketable skills and move into the real world with nothing more than a high opinion of themselves and their worth and not the slightest inkling of what that really means.

Ask them how an economy is supposed to work or what personal responsibility means and you will either get a blank stare or a lecture on how everyone's opinion are equally valid.  Or worse a lecture on how Christians are tyrants for standing on basic moral principle but wholesale murder and destruction by a bunch of 7th century Islamic fanatics is not even on their radar even as it happens in our midst.

Well I've got some news for both the political elites who lord over us like medieval potentates and the generations of brainwashed imbeciles who vote for them. It's not the judgment of other individuals or the church that they need worry about.

One of several possible things are going to happen. 1, the unsustainable structures of global debt are going to collapse of their own weight. 2, the naked fascism of the American left will trigger not just moral indignation but a spasm of violence targeting the institutions of a corrupt government. 3, some Islamic madman is going to get their hands on an A-bomb and either launch it or smuggle it into Israel. 4, some Russian or Chinese or Islamic hacker is going to get into the computers of the EBT system and crash it. If you think the violence in Baltimore this spring over the death of one lowlife drug dealer was bad just try to imagine the reaction to no cheetos and orange soda for a couple of weeks.

1, 2, 3 or 4 or some combination there of and utter chaos will ensue. Our global society of moral and physical weaklings have not the faintest idea of how interdependent and fragile our structures have become. I'm not sure if we have reached the point where removing a single brick will bring down the whole wall yet, but I fear we are close, very close.  The government isn't building FEMA camps and stockpiling plastic coffins for an "exercise". Their doing it because they know but don't want you to know exactly what I'm saying. They know that urban chaos can lead to a breakdown in the food distribution systems and that looting would follow. No truck driver in his right mind will drive into places to face hijacking and murder. You wouldn't, neither will they.

I would beg the Lord above to spare us the consequences of this arrogance and corruption, but I think I know what his answer would be. "The Lord helps those who help themselves." So stack and pack and lock and load. Things are going to get ugly, real ugly. It's no longer a matter of if, but when.  We'd all be well served by prayers for the redemption of our souls and for the intersession of Christ's Second Coming. May the "Armor of God" protect you and yours.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Liberal Hysteria and the Confederate Flag.

No matter how one feels about the Confederate flag and the American Civil War (I've made my position clear) the fact remains that if some drug addled would be hippie college student, pumped up on his communist professors rhetoric can burn the American flag as constitutionally protected free speech, then any Southern State or any individual has the right to fly the Confederate battle flag any time they want.

You can't have one with out the other. If either is banned by government fiat then our republic is finished and a new insurrection based on the Deceleration of Independence and the Bill of Right's is justified by the very words of those documents.

The government is already preparing for it perhaps time that all god fearing, liberty loving Americans do the same before even statements like this are branded as treason.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Liberal Wetdream Come True.

The horrendous events in South Carolina Wednesday evening are a liberal wetdream come true. They now have the right wing, mentally deranged, white guy, nut job that they will say personifies everyone who disagrees with them. This event will be used tar and feather anyone and any everyone who dared to say that the left's cuddling welfare state has been bad for this country.

The fact that virtually every other mass murdering but job has been a raving leftist will become instantly irrelevant.  This one event will outway them all, ten fold. The New York Times, the Washington Post and every other MSM outlet will make sure that this event and every gruesome detail stays front and center and above the fold as long ad possible.  Nothing short of a nuclear blast will get it off the front page.  They won't give a damn about the hapless victims. Their names will quickly be forgotten. The only thing that will matter is how the event can be used as a political expediency.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Southern Conservatives And Complaining About A Self Inflicted Wound.

From the time of the Reconstruction until the election of Richard Nixon the South was known as the "solidly Democratic South" and for the most part comprised the conservative wing of the Democrat Party. Largely this was because Democrats were, well, not Republicans. The largest part of its transition from being solidly Democrat to being solidly Republican came from their inherently conservative natures finally overcoming their loyalty to the Democrats.

In the ensuing 50 or so years the racial/reactionary element of southern conservativism has tempered and as with conservatives elsewhere, become replaced with a general disgust with the hard left turn taken by the Democrat party that left no room for conservatives of any stripe.

There still remains of course a hard core element of southerners who, although they can be depended on to vote Republican, are still driven by a seething hatred of "yankees" and anything they perceive as "northern" culture.  They are imbued with an attitude that southern culture is so unique, so exceptional, so nobel, that it is exempt from a fundamental rule of human existence.  Namely that decisions have consequences and bad decisions very often have bad consequences.

They make things worse by condemning anyone who does not want to hear them crying about their lamented and long lost South. They can't understand that nobody likes to hear their complaining about what is quite simply a self inflicted wound.

Anyone who has taken the time to read the minutes of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia will clearly see that the southern delegates were determined  to cling to an agrarian based and slavery supported economy.  They felt that the south had the economic upper hand at that moment and were not about to give it up.

The political rhetoric of Southern politicians in the ensuing 70 years showed if anything, a hardening of this self-serving (to the  southern elite, what we would call 1%ers today) attitude.  The die was cast. A violent confrontation was inevitable.

Times changed however and Hamilton's platform for fostering industrialization and infrastructure development started to change the economic pattern.  Northern mercantile and industrial interests endorsed it whole heartedly and began to prosper even beyond anything of Hamilton's imaginations. But rather than embrace this change, the south, led by its own set of plantation elites, insisted on clinging to a past that had and continued to make them wealthy at the expense of enslaving millions and keeping so many others shackled to subsistence agriculture and at the same time convincing them of its nobility.

Both then and now, the mistake these whiners, and indeed most contemporary observers make and some deliberately so, is to formulate their perspectives within a vacuum of American history and ignore the facts of the imperialist, primarily British imperialist world we lived in.

During the first half of the 19th century Britian was years if not decades ahead of most other nations in what we now call the "industrial revolution" and concentrated on textile production.  Securing a near monopoly in this industry required that they gain control of the world's raw cotton production to feed it gaping maw.

This they did by securing control of Egypt and its cotton, and its short land bridge between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  This greatly shortened the route to India where they were busy not only consolidating control over the subcontinent and its large cotton production but shutting down almost entirely native production of wove cotton cloth and finished goods.

This led to massive unemployment and starvation.  Malthus then used these artificially and deliberately created conditions of deprivation to launch his brutal, racist theory that it was "over population" not British imperialist manipulation that led to starvation.

With control of Egypt and India secured that left only the Americans with their Southern supplies of cotton and its fledgling but growing Northern textile industry as obstacles to their global domination of the industry.

It's no secret that British elites still resented the execution of Major Andre and the American's success in securing their independence.  The military conflict may have ended in 1783 but economic warfare continued and flared into renewed warfare in 1812.

By the late 1850 the course of compromise in the American regional conflict had exhausted itself and the British Empire was more than ready to exploit it for their own ends. Although not a leading factor in the conflict they had been more than willing to funnel monies to both the Southern secessionist movement and the Northern abolitionists.

It was clear to the British that a growing and unified American empire would eventually become a challenge to British international hegemony.  If exploiting the American conflict furthered their national imperialist policy and their economic goal of monopolising the cotton trade and textile production all the better.

After the North's declaration of a blockade of the Southern ports, smuggling arms and ammunition into the South became an active adjunct to those policies, but neither active intervention on the South's behalf nor diplomatic recognition was yet a risk the British were willing to risk.

Although the Crimean War had ended in a British and French victory over the Russians it had exposed that the British army, that had been largely idle since the end of the Napoleonic War, was ill prepared for a major conflict. That and thousands of troops and sailors spread out across a growing global empire lent the Parliment to caution.

They were however fully aware that if the South prevailed they would extended their influence over the final source of cotton. They would quite naturally then become the South's preferred customer and would strangle the North as a competitor.

So their you have it.  Bad decisions and bad attitudes, exploited by a relentless and powerful enemy, created a toxic mix, the effects of which still lingers to this day.  I'm only a historian who has family roots that run deep into the soil on both sides of the Mason Dixon line. Indeed there is a congeniality, warmth and loyalty in the South that is different than that found elsewhere in America.  There is also stubborn and closed minded streak among many that I still cannot fathom even after live here for nearly forty years.

I can only present the facts as I understand them and try not to express any resentment for those who would ignore the facts that don't fit into their narrative. They are what they are. Neither accepting them nor rejecting them changes them in the least. I'm old and don't really have any political agenda in this regard.  I do know that their are and always will be, those who will be willing to exploit ignorance and hate for their own agendas and advantage.  

I'm not a psychologist, so I cannot say or predict what it will take to purge the poison from our collective conscience.  I can't even say if it can even be done.  Like with most any other change, for it to be positive in nature it has to be undertaken on an individual basis and said individuals have to want to make it. Education as to all the pertenant facts is a necessary first step.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Any Excuse For More Putin Love.

The celebrations in Moscow on the 70th anniversary of the surrender of Germany is notable for both the absence of any American presence (or even our own separate celebrations) but also for Russia's and China's failure to acknowledge the US logistical contributions in becoming the arsenal to the world without which the Red Army would have been forced back to the Urals or beyond.

Neither is their any mention that after the war, even as the Soviets and the Chinese became our implacable enemies, the US forgave the world over 90% of the debts owed us for all those ships and planes and tanks and trucks and tires and bullets and bombs they fought with, even though we could have easily used those debts as economic and political weapons that would have crushed their ability to trade with the rest of the world.

I'd suggest they pay us now with those stashes of gold they have accumulated but the assholes in Washington would just squander it bailing out the banks again.  But hey if Germany has just recently finished paying of the reparations from WWI and Greece is clamoring for WWII German reparations to cover for their decades of wasteful spending, why shouldn't we make our claims against all we provided them by simply declaring a specific amount of the US debt they hold null and void?

Bottom line is Russians can't eat or make vodka out of oil and natural gas and the Chinese can't eat happy meal toys either.  We can live without either but the Chinese can't keep their billion or so locked up in factories forever when we stop buying plastic junk and cheap tools at Harbor Freight.

Just as our militarized police and National Guard would be stretched thin by inner city riots, so would the Russians and even more so the Chinese.  The Russian's problem is that that billion or so Chinese are right next door.

So in the meantime the world gets bombarded with propaganda about how the Russians defeated the Germans all by themselves and without China we could not have defeated Japan. Both notions are absurd on their face.

Putin had to put up the Stalin posters because the bloodstains of the past are beginning to leak through the layers of paint. Poor Putin, seeing all those red  communist Chinese flags must have made his nostalgic for the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lord Spare Us From Another Bush

In a previous post  I discussed that I thought that if there was a singular candidate who could prove more disastrous than Hillary Clinton, it is Jeb Bush.  I speculated that it would be hard to tell what folly or betrayal he would pile on top of brother's and Father's.

Well it appears that Jeb has decided to start small by endorsing statehood for Puerto Rico.  Such a move would of course guarantee two Democrat seats in the Senate and three or four in the House.  He can't wait to betray the country so he starts with the party he claims as his own

Yeah Jeb what a great idea!  That out to endear you to the conservative wing of the party.  We can hardly wait for Mitch McConnel and John McCain to endorse the idea.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bodymore Goes Full "Wire" Part 2

When you take a moral basis out of the structure of law and legal thought, then you get not only immorality, but as we are seeing now, the purposeful use of law for the targeting political opposition. This is the very foundation of tyranny. In structure, form and application it is no different than the Nazi's use of the Nuremburg Laws to drive the Jews out of business which was the necessary precursor to sending them to the camps, and I would challenge any leftist to try and prove me wrong.

I don't care who does what in the privacy of their own home. But that does not give them or anyone the right to deliberately shove their behavior in other peoples face knowing full well their objections, and then using that to destroy them. So yes there is a "gaystapo" and it is an instrument of "liberal fascism".  It's 21st century form is no less as ugly and dare I say evil than its 20th century form. It is the manifestation of selfishness and generations off being taught what to think instead of how to think.

And this brings us directly back to the riots in Baltimore except that rather than being an example of what instead of how, it is a demonstration of a complete absence of any thought whatsoever.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake is a typical big city political hack. She might be fair to middling at playing politics but she is clearly in way over her head when it comes to crisis management. She stuck her foot in her mouth up to her ankle with her "room to destroy" comment. Now she doesn't eve have the integrity to admit to having made a poor choice of words. So instead she doubles down on stupid and denies she even said what is on video for all to hear and see. Rather than having made such a face first pratfall shame her from the political stage it will be used as a venue to elevate her to the next level.

Just as Hitler used his SA storm troopers to create the very chaos and hatred that swept him to power, once he secured that power he unleashed the even more depraved SS on them in the "Night of the long knives".  He executed the leaders and left what remained as a toothless adjunct to local police forces. 

Lord forgive me but I hate these people.

Bodymore Goes Full "Wire".

Baltimore burns, and the authorities have told the cops to stand by and watch it burn down.  There is a false hope that this situation would burn itself out.  That has clearly not worked, so now they will have to move in with massive force.  Whether or not this will quell the violence or add fuel to the fire we will just have to wait and see.

Realistically this is the penultimate failure of leftist social engineering that has bread generation after generation after generation of illigitimate ghetto dwellers who have been brought up in a moral vacuum and subsequently lack the social conscious necessary to know or even care what the difference between right and wrong is.

They have been given just enough food and shelter to live a subsistence existence and facilitate their breading like soulless rats. In turn they have been robbed of any incentive to actually work to make their lives better and pumped full of hate filled propaganda that even attempting to improve their lives is a hopeless endeavor because "the white man" is out to keep him down.  Therefore they have no reason or need to take responsibility for themselves or their communities.

There is one thing you can rest assured will happen.  Every communist/fascist/agent provocateur will come crawling out of the woodwork in every ghetto across america with a can of gasoline in one hand and a match in the other.  Absent any real police violence rest assured the incidents will be manufactured.   All this will just make the  black communities cannon fodder for and the excuse for a massive police state crack down on everything and everyone.  This crackdown will go hand in had with ever increasing restrictions on cash transactions, currency controls or saving anything except in the form of government "approved" instruments.  Ultimately these are the very communities and people are that will suffer the most under the coming draconian and disfunctional dystopia.  No credit card or debit card linked to a personal account or no government EBT card?  Well the tough luck. You don't eat.

Now guess which party will be sitting in the White House directing the government violence and guess party will be licking Obama's boots while whimpering like beaten dogs about the need for "law and order"?  The Republican's beaten bat shit crazy ex POW John McCain and their house faggot Lindsey Grahame will no doubt be leading the charge.

Just what do you think all those FEMA camps were built for?  They've already got the boxcars lined up on the sidings and bodybags folded and stacked.

And while we are consumed in our on paroxysm of violence the Middle East and North Africa will erupt in its own spasam of seemingly endless death and destruction. Then guess which newly reformed Eurasian alliance will announce the need for them to step into the fray to restore "peace and stability?

Naaaaahh, never happen.  John of Patmos.  Who be dat?  He gots some free shit fo' me and da' bros?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Only Outstanding Question Left.

For anyone with more than a few brain cells left it's pretty clear that there is a financial crisis on the horizon.  There are those who admit it and have publicly rung the alarm bell and those who know it and choose to believe that the inevitable can be forestalled for as long as the powers that be think is necessary.

The reality is that the last thirty or so years of globalization has spread the infection of fiat monetary foolishness to every global corner of the world.  The only remaining question is from what corner will the triggering event emerge from.

The U.S. and to some extent the northern European nations have excelled in exporting their inflation to the rest of the world in order to replace production with endless consumption.  Sadly the rest of the world has bought into the scam and stuffed their coffers with debt paper of increasingly questionable and shrinking value.

It's no longer just a question of a reinflated U.S. housing market bubble bursting, but will it be the endless refinancing of hard assets in China or the continued falling of oil prices triggering a new collapse and regional unrest in Russia?  Will it be Greek default spreading to Italy and Spain and triggering a derivatives collapse? Will someone finally commit some ultimate act of stupidity in the Middle East and trigger a regional war and glass covered parking lots?

The point being, that there are so many potential triggers out there that the jugglers in the centers of power are going to drop a ball someplace, somewhere, somehow.  Pandora's box will be open and the furies of decades of hubris, arrogance and greed will be unleashed upon the world.

The only people who will be left unaffected will be the ones living in remote self sustaining subsistence cultures.  Sadly in the end the rest of us will either be left in a world of tyranny, dead or joining the world of subsistence living.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Depression? We Ain't Got No Stinking Deprerssion!

The truth is that we are in a deep recession if not depression now.  Instead of soup kitchens, the WPA and itinerant labor riding the rails from town to town looking for any job they can get, we have massive "Federal assistance" programs. These programs not only pay people not to work, they rob people of any incentive to work.

Integration began not with the factories
of WW II but with equality of starvation
in the soup kitchen lines of the depression.
EBT provides the soup without
the social interaction and so
breeds resentment, isolation and

So what we have then is a MANUFACTURED depression that has created a permanent undereducated underclass that will of course continue to vote for the corrupt system that gives them a subsistence existence in exchange for their votes.

When signs like this become more
common resentment, isolation and
mistrust will explode into violence
But it is human nature for everyone to want more, but the system has little more to give and is running on borrowed time and borrowed money.  This is going to see the Greek scenario played out everywhere.  When that happens and the EBT cards and assistance payments get cut because there is nothing more to give, these poor, manipulated souls will explode in a spasm of violence that will give the government just the excuse they have been seeking to crack down on everyone and everything in the name of "public safety".

Who needs guard towers. In the
desert there is no place to run
and no place to hide.
Welcome to the USSA.  Those who continue to resist will be "invited" for a long stay in a new American Gulag known as Camp FEMA.  The government is closing it's iron fist around the internet.  Soon all traffic will have to go through government portals like in China and Russia and all "news" will be filtered by through "Ministry of Truth".  Our televisions are already listening in on our conversations,.  I wouldn't be surprised if they already had built in cameras watching us as well.  Coming soon, no off button?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Once Great Site Sinks Into The Abyss

Questions for those intellectually lazy or incompetent trolls on ZeroHedge. 
  • Tell us when have I ever said anything positive about the cesspools of Washington DC or Brussels? 
  • Tell us, were the Russians ever held accountable for the Holodomor?
  • How about "The great terror" and the Gulags?
  • Did they ever make amends for the occupation of Eastern Europe or the violent repression of the Hungarian and Czech revolutions?  Oh that's right never. 
  • How about the mass deportations of millions, never to return?
  • How about the vast swaths of radiological death across Kazakhstan? 
  • How about the mass slaughter of their own troops that were taken prisoner by the Germans?
  • When has Russia ever known anything but tyranny and/or chaos?  I'll tell you. Not since Peter the Great.
  • Why did all those former Russian occupied vassal states declare their independence once the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its own corruption and incompetence? 
  • How many ethnic minorities across European Russia and Siberia are still held under Russian tyranny? 
  • How is Putin's behavior or yours any different than the Fuherprinzip or the even older Russian concept of the Vozhd?
You people need to get your heads out of your butts.  At best You are exactly the same kind of people who said that Hitler sought nothing more than to restore German dignity.  At worst you would behave like Hitler's SA or Dzerzhinsky's Cheka.

Sadly the West is thoroughly under the sway of its own batch of globalist tyrants, but that doesn't mean that the likes of Russia and China aren't still determined to carve out their own global empires, and they have a proven track record for ruthlessness even more brutal than the Nazis.

A Bit Of Evidence....,

A bit of evidence that Putin's Russia is operated by scumbags.  I mean let's be serious here my humble site does not get a great deal of traffic.  I do have a few people who check in regularly from places around the world.  Recently however I have experienced a large upswing in traffic from Russia and Ukraine. I am accumulating a long list of referring sites with the .ru suffix.  Some of these have been Russian based industrial supply sites. Others are links to clothing, home furnishings and consumer products.  The vast majority however have been Russian pornography sites. As I fail to see that the consumers of this garbage would suddenly switch gears and move over to my humble commentary I can only surmise that the FSB trolls in the basement of Lubyanka are unhappy with my content and trying to create some association of my blog as a porno site in order to get it banned.  How pathetic.  Or maybe it's that porno is the only unfettered business operating in Russia because the Kremlin can siphon off so much money from it.

The Choices We Face . . . . . If You Can Call Them That.

Maybe it's just me but each succeeding election cycle seems to get longer and longer.  This coming one, being a Presidential election and with Obama no longer eligible (thank God for such favors) will I'm sure prove torturous in its own way.

Those candidates and potential candidates that have presented themselves, declared or not are as motley a crew as we have ever seen.  I'd say the lack of qualifications and experience, combined with personal and political corruption is appalling, but it's what we have come to expect from our degraded and degrading election process.

That said let's take a look at what we've got: First the so-called "Democrats".

Joe Biden: A drunk, a clown and as intellectually shallow a man as I have ever seen.  He's so vacuous I doubt even a deadlocked Democratic Convention would see him as an alternative.

Martin O'Malley: For most American O'Malley is a political unknown.  A fact I'm sure he's counting on.  For anyone with even a passing familiarity with the political sewer of Baltimore MD shudders at the thought.  For those not so familiar I'd suggest watching reruns of the HBO series "The Wire" and examine the character of Tommy Carcetti.  O'Malley is Carcetti in all his venality. 

Lincoln Chaffee:  Lincoln who? He couldn't ride any farther on the coat tails his father's good name so he changed party and slipped into political oblivion.

That brings us to the "heir apparent," the "presumptive candidate," the "entitled one," (hey let's get the first dose un-PC and "sexist" pejoratives out of the way) Hillary Clinton. 

Where do I start but to say that I don't think our nation has seen a candidate as unaccomplished, unqualified, grasping, power hungry, arrogant and morally corrupt since Aaron Burr.  Her recent stunt of flying coach and carrying her own bags was even more transparently phony than Michelle "where do I vacation next" Obama shopping at Target.  Does she think that makes up for parking her campaign van in a handicapped zone?  Hillary's blood soaked hands are bought and paid for by every elitist power broker between Dubai and Wall Street with the mansions of the Hollywood hills thrown in for good measure.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for national suicide.  Six and a half years of Obama has placed the gun firmly against our temple, Hillary will pull the trigger at the first opportunity.

That so many others from the left side of the aisle (qualified or not) are avoiding the race is a measure of several things.  1. They smell disaster in the wake Obama's overreach, malfeasance, and Chamberlainesque pandering to our nation's enemies and Wall Street's corruption.  2. They recognize the Clinton organization for the vicious, remorseless and vindictive machine that it is and don't want to expose themselves to it's flesh tearing jaws, or 3.  They figure it's just easier to wait out the Clinton's last hurrah, hope four years of anyone else besides Obama will wash at least some of the bad taste out of the voter's mouths and they can in the meantime continue lining their pockets at the taxpayer's expense.

This then brings us to our so-called "Republicans". 

1. Bobby Jindel.  I don't question his sincerity and he no doubt deserves credit for being elected as a man of color in a deep South state.  But again it's a matter of Bobby who?

2. Marco Rubio.  At first glance some may see the Senator from Florida as an appealing candidate.  Personally I think all talk after his Senate race has gone to his head.  When it comes to policy statements he flip-flops more than a lobster just dropped in a pot of boiling water.  I'll pass.

3. Chris Christie.  One word, "weasel".

4. Rand Paul.  Sorry Senator but you listen to your old man too much.  He might be dead right on monetary policy but you're both dead wrong on foreign policy.  I'll look elsewhere.

5. Jeb Bush.  If there is any singular candidate who qualifies as potentially a worse disaster for the Republic than Hillary Clinton would be or Barak Obama has been, it is Jeb Bush.  His father snatched defeat from the jaws of Reagan's victory over the Soviet Union by assuring the Russians that neither the communists nor communism would be held to account for over 70 years of crimes against humanity and who's barbaric toll surpassed even the Nazi's organized slaughter.  The result of such incompetence is a revanchist Russian imperialism with bands of "former" KGB operatives in the drivers seat.  His brother followed up on father's failing to apply the lesson of history by letting the newly constituted governments of Afghanistan and Iraq include Islamic Shria law as basis for their new constitutions.  I can only shudder to think what a third round of Bush style arrogant incompetence would lead to.  I do know for certain it won't be good.  Leopards don't change their spots.

This leaves us with Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.  Cruz has certainly put on the persona of steadfast and traditionalist conservative and this of course will make him target of vicious and merciless attacks from the left's lapdogs in the media.  He will no doubt be labeled as "the right's new Joe McCarthy" or words to that effect.  He would do well to rember that McCarthy was proven right and that it is the left that has "no shame".

Wisconsin's Scott Walked is the candidate that the leftists most loath and fear.  He has proven himself and the temper of his metal. By succeeding in both an attempt to recall him from office and a subsequent reelection he has shown he can withstand the machinations of media, the left and their union lackeies. By breaking organized labor's grip on public service employees and restoring both public and private workers rights to choose wheather or not to join a union he has earned both their undying enmity and deprived both the unions and the Democrats of a big chunk of money.

As of yet I am far from making a choice. There is a lot to be learned about both men and unknow events to unfold before that time comes, but I think you can guess who I'm not supporting.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Poor Pooty Poo . . . .

The crybabies in the Kremlin are now upset that the Ukrainian parliament has banned the symbols of both the communist and Nazi occupations, declaring it "repression of free speech".  Really Vladdy boy?  So tell us how many journalists have disappeared, died of fled into exile under your watch?  Or perhaps there is something about opening old KGB police records that the legislation also calls for that has you concerned?  Or maybe you're worried that the Ukrainians will melt down all those statues of Lenin and turn them into bullets to shoot at the Russian troops you say aren't in Ukraine.

Does this statement of outrage include an apology for all the millions of Ukrainians you Russians have killed just since1918?  Or how about a thank you to George H.W. Bush for letting you sorry communist murderers off the hook for your nearly 75 years of crimes against humanity.  Maybe the world would take Russia more seriously if you finally buried Lenin's rotted corpse and took down his statues and stopped putting up posters of Stalin and apologized to the rest of the world for his having started World War Two in conjunction with Hitler.

We all know none of that will happen so how about taking your phony outrage and sticking it where the sun doesn't shine and just STFU!

If There Was Ever Any Doubt........

If there was ever any doubt that long term association with the Kardashians was poisonous, one only need look at the ongoing story of what has become of Bruce Jenner.  It's sad.  What's sadder still is that so many look upon it as entertainment rather than the tragic destruction of the life and mortal soul of a man that so many once admired, looked up to and saw as a role model. What's horrifying is that there are those who will cast his destruction as something to be admired, looked up to and emulated.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blind In His Right Eye....

So Harry Reid has admitted that he is blind in his right eye, blaming his latest "exercising accident" for the affliction.  Sorry Harry but the whole world knows you have been blind in the right eye for decades!  Well maybe we should give Harry credit for being religious.  "If thine eye offends thee, pluck it out."  Somehow I doubt it.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Putin: Europe's 21st Century's Would be Vlad The Impailer.

So now Uncle Vlad is busily engaged in openly threatening to set the ethnic Russian populations of the Baltic states into deliberate civil discord in his displeasure at NATO having placed a couple or fighter squadrons and a few hundred troops on their sovereign territory and at their request.

Poor Pooty boy!  I guess he would have the world forget that for almost half a century Russia had over half a million troops and thousands of tanks and aircraft occupying Eastern Europe and within quick striking distance of most the capitals and major cities of Western Europe.  So the shoes is on the other foot now and the new Tsar doesn't like the fit!

Say what you will about the last bunch of Russian imperialists, they were a lot of things, most of them bad, but they weren't crazy.  They knew full well that MAD was indeed madness and no good could or would come from it.  I'm not so sure about this latest batch.  Maybe they see the neo Chamberlains of the current administration as more than willing to back itself into a corner of impotence and Vlad and company are glad to help them do it.  That would leave Russia and China free sweep into Southwest Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and gouble up the resources the have long coveted.

The more things change the more they remain the same.  The world's entire financial regimen is teetering on the edge of disaster. History has proven time and again that is just when tyranny strikes.  Unfortunately I doubt the current batch of scoundrels in Washington DC and Brussels have the intellectual or intestinal fortitude to do anything about it.  God save us all from those who are "smarter" than us.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Note To My Ukrainian Readers.

I have noticed a late upturn in traffic from Ukraine in the last couple three weeks.  I might hope it has to do with my humble attempts at defending Ukrainian human rights in the face of naked aggression from their former masters to the north and east.  My thoughts and prayers are with you in your struggle for freedom and self reliance.

You have come a long way so far and there will be many new obstacles placed in your way by for and so-called friends alike.  If any of you have any information, pictures I can help you get out to American citizens just ask, I'll be glad to make whatever humble effort I can.  Please leave a comment and let me know where you're from and what you think.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Dead Letter And A Ticking Time Bomb

The Hildabeast has just received a notice in her "personal" e-mail inbox.  You know the kind, the ones that says there is a registered letter waiting that requires her signature. Sent from a no longer enthralled media and post marked from Hypocrisy in the state of Arrogance and Corruption.

I have no doubt that Hillary feels the media's having turned a blind eye to Obama's incompetence and naked corruption for nearly 8 years, was simply going to be one of those gifts she was entitled to inherit among with the Oval Office.  Too bad for her the world's events have taken on such an accelerated pace that the not even the formerly fawning sycofants at the New York Times can keep up as things slip from their grasp of control.  Like trying to hold on to a fist full of sand, the harder they squeeze the more slips through their fingers.  That a lifetime of incompetence and corruption may now be catching up and turning Hillary into a political dead letter is a blessing the measure of which I doubt many can fully appreciate.  That Tommy Carcetti err Martin O'Malley from deep in the political sewers of Baltimore, is being considered as a viable alternative just indicates how politically bankrupt we have become.  But that's another story.

As bad as the prospect of another Clinton in the White House may be, I find the prospect of another Bush as bad if not worse.  Both families are unrepentant globalists. While the Clintons are just old fashioned bought and paid for avaricious liars, the Bush family are establishment elitists with a track record snatching defeat from the jaws of victory and thereby laying the foundations for the resurgence of the enemies of Western Civilization stronger or more dangerous than they were to begin with.

George H. W. Bush gave away Reagan's victory over the Soviet Union by assuring that the communists and communism would not be punished for their horrific crimes against humanity.

His elder son ignored the historical precedent established in the victory over Japan.  Namely that of forbidding the inclusion of the religious precepts that had been the basis of their aggression from the new government.  Shinto and Emperor worship were banned, not as a religion but as an institution of government.  George W. Bush gave the new governments of Afghanistan and Iraq carte blanche to make Shria a basis of their new constitutions.

The world's reward for their incompetence are a resurgent and revanchist Russian imperialism and an ongoing political, military and religious conflict in the Middle East and North Africa that grows more out of control every day.

Granted that nearly eight years of having a naked Islamophile and communist in the White House have more than contributed to and exacerbated the chaos.  I shudder to think what kind of surrenders to tyranny Jeb Bush would dream up beyond his already clear signal that our southern border will remain wide open to any and all who wish to enter.

Every election season the talking heads declare that the next election is the most crucial ever and that "our side" must win.  If it's a choice between Bush or Clinton the election will already be lost ...... for all of us.

The succession of either another Clinton or Bush to the Presidency would seal the fate of the American Republic and our beloved Constitution just as surely as Augustus's reign sealed the fate of the Roman Republic and Senate.  The institutions will remain but only as toothless and impotent facades lending a rubber stamp to an Imperial Presidency that already sees no need to either consult with or submit its proposals to a Congress that sees itself as a servant of government rather than the people.

Unlike in Rome here there remain a great many here who still believe that the citizens remain sovereign.  There is much uncertainty and chaos in our future. Whether or not that principle remains intact in whatever emerges from the other side remains to be seen.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Russian Revanchist Tears

I simply cannot be the only one who grows weary of Russian revanchist tears over how “put upon” they are by the rest of Europe and the world in general.  Well Boo Freaking Hoo.  Since just when have the Russians ever approached the outside world with anything but an attitude and actions of belligerence, intimidation and straight up racism and violence?   The only times that there has not been some sort of dictatorship in charge there was nothing but utter chaos that simply laid the groundwork for the next batch of dictators and oligarchs.

The word revanchism was practically invented to describe Russian longings for lost empire and territories.  Don’t ever expect the Russians to ever acknowledge that all those former Tsarist and or Soviet captive nations declared their independence at the first opportunity because they were sick and tired of Russian hegemony, oppression and occupation.  Apparently the Russians and the Islamists have a certain factor in common; the belief that once a territory falls under their control their rights of self-determination are gone, forever expunged and never to be restored.

The latest batch of belly aching from Moscow is that the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are bringing in NATO supplied heavy weapons to defend their borders from Russian provocations.  Tough luck Uncle Pooty.  The last time I looked these sovereign and independent nations had twice before been occupied and absorbed by Russians and like the Jews who survived the Holocaust they have vowed “Never Again!”  Who can blame them?  Both the Tsarist and the Stalinist deported and or executed any “uncooperative” locals by the hundreds of thousands and then deliberately and forcibly moved Russians into to their stolen and vacated homes and jobs.  The Soviet era of occupation came as a result of a despicable deal the Russians made with Hitler; a nasty bit of work for which they were never held accountable.

Now the new Russian Oligarch complains about “mistreatment and discrimination” against ethnic Russians in the Baltics and Ukraine.  If Putin and company really cared for them they would be volunteering to repatriate their “countrymen” and apologizing to the Baltics nations for the hundreds of thousands who died or disappeared into the Gulags never to return, all at the hands of his beloved Russians. 

Putin’s government has supplied thousands of ethnic Russians in the Baltics, even those born after their independence was declared, with Russian passports.  This in itself should be considered a violation of international law and a violation of these countries internal affairs.

Chamberlain and Daladier, Hitler and Mussolini may have gotten away with negotiating away Czech sovereignty while forcing them to wait in the other room, but I don’t think the Baltics are going to sit back and see the process repeated at their expense.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Yes Dear Children.........

Yes dear children there is an evil in the world.  It is a disease that infects the mind.  A plague that springs back no matter how many times we think we have killed it.  The infection is spread by evil men who seek power and control by sowing its spoors in the minds of the poorly educated, the weak willed, the lazy, the na├»ve.  They convince these poor people that their nation's problems, even their individual problems, are not because of their own ignorance or human failings.  Their problems exist because they have allowed some outsiders to exist among them.  These outsiders aren't like us.  They don't look like us.  They don't eat the same foods as us.  They don't worship the same as we do. Why they even speak their own language! 

We like to think that society has made progress, especially in these last few decades.  But have we really?  We talk about diversity but it's a sham used to disguise even older prejudices.  Yes we've made progress, we're more sophisticated in our bigotry now.  We accept people of all colors and creeds just so long as they agree with our brand of political orthodoxy.  We even accept Jews!  Just so long as they aren't those evil Jews that we can label as "Zionists".  Hell we might even accept their right to exist just so long as they don't do it in their own nation!  And especially as long as they don't dare to defend themselves!  We opened our arms to them (and their money) when they marched beside us during the civil rights and anti war movements of the 1960's but should their most basic right of existence be threatened we turn our backs to them at best, or worse, repeat the libels of the past.   The worst of us are those who refuse to condemn the repetition of these ancient libels even as we recognize them for what they are and know full well where they lead.

Many a nation and people in this sad old world are in trouble today and it is because WE, WE THE PEOPLE, have failed ourselves.  We have failed to guard our liberties, we have failed to be responsible for ourselves.  We have taken the easy road of listening to and  electing corrupt and greedy people who have plied us with false promises that they will guard our liberty, that they will be responsible for us, that they will provide for us at someone else's expense. 

Well now all those false promises are being exposed as the naked and deceitful lies they always were and what do we do?  Do we blame these corrupt and greedy people for their deceits and lies?  Do we purge those that stole our liberties, that led us into dependency?  No, we buy right back into the oldest of lies from the same deceitful mouths. 'It's not our fault, it's the "outsiders", it's the "tribe", it's the "Zionists."'  Underneath it's all just new use of old words for the same old scapegoating and Jew hatred that is thousands of years old. 

In the aftermath of the Nazi horrors of  the Holocaust the entire western world joined with Europe's surviving Jews in the cry of "Never Again" and the founding of the modern state of Israel.  But now, just as our national cemeteries fill with last survivors of "the greatest generation," that evil that they so sacrificed to overcome is born anew.  I don't think it is mere coincidence, but rather the fulfillment of prophesy; "Do not rejoice in his defeat, you men. For though the world has stood up and stopped the bastard, the bitch that bore him is in heat again."  Brecht on Theatre (1964) edited and translated by John Willett.

The German Theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer died at the hands of the Nazis fighting this evil.  He warned us as well.  "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act." 

Are there bad people in this world?  Yes.  Are some of them Jews?  Yes.  But it's not anyone's characteristic as a Jew or a German or a Russian or an American or white or black that makes them bad or even evil.  It is their personal decision to embrace evil that makes them so.  If we want to find the causes of the worlds problems and their solutions, we had best start with a long gaze into the mirror and remove the splinter from our own eye first.  Anyone who tells you that the solutions lie in victimhood, and condemning others for who or what they are by the accident of their birth is an idiot and a fool or a deliberate agent of evil seeking to lead you into its trap.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Frightening March Into March.

Another of Putin's political opponents is gunned down and the commentary surrounding it is as shallow as a rain puddle after a spring shower.

Boris Nemtsov, murdered on the streets of Moscow.
Bush 41 made it clear to the Russians that neither the communists nor communism nor Russian imperialism would ever be held accountable for its crimes.  Why then should we be surprised at the criminal behavior of a cabal of "former" communists running the latest iteration of the Russian Empire?  Russia has no history of honest democratic or republican institutions.  The only alternative they have ever known to dictatorship has been chaos.

That Putin almost immediately announced he would be "taking over" the investigation is in itself damning.  I doubt there will ever be an believable resolution to yet another Russian tragedy.  The only things that are certain is that both the Kremlin and Washington will do their best to exploit the event to their best advantage and more innocent people will die for Russia's latest cult of personality.

Pooty Love
It seems that humans never learn from history.  Putin is just the latest iteration of that greatest of historical disasters, the clever, exploitative populist. From Augustus to Napoleon to Obama and Putin, they pay lip service to the past and leave nothing but a legacy of destruction.  Augustus neutered the Roman Senate and destroyed the Republic. Obama and his minions seek to do the same. Putin wants to (and has largely succeeded) in making sure that any hope of liberty in Russia is strangled in its cradle.  I don't know if Nemtsov was Russia's Cicero but they sure could use one.

Slavery, degradation and subservience has always been the "normal" human condition. The interludes of freedom and self determination have been the exception and all to brief.  Both East and West are in a state of deterioration, both economically and politically.  We will be lucky, very lucky, if the world does not blunder its way into a global conflagration.  The stench of 1914 burns in my nostrils.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Freightening March of Ignorance

Danzig and the Polish Corridor
The profound ignorance of history on display on many news story comment boards is the predictable result of no longer functional education systems dominated by agenda driven leftist bureaucrats.  One story reported that a prominent French journalist. Eric Zemmour, had penned a piece suggesting that the solution to the Ukraine crisis might be found in a formal alliance between Russia, Germany an France.  My comment that Poland and indeed the rest of the world should be uncomfortable with the prospect of a new German/Russian alliance garnered a large number of negative votes.   Such is all one needs to prove the above point.  That one fool suggested that Poland could have avoided the war by simply giving Danzig back to Germany shows how genuinely frightening such ignorance can be.

The beginning of the end for
Russian imperialism Rev. 2
Firstly Danzig was a Free City under League of Nations mandate.  It was politically controlled by neither Germany or Poland.  It wasn't Poland's to give to anyone.  Secondly the idea that Hitler would have been satisfied with obtaining control of Danzig is patently absurd on its face, particularly given what had just happened to the Czechs. 

I doubt any of these geniuses could tell us just how many times it took Prussia, Austria-Hungary and Russia partitioning Poland before there was no more Poland.  Or maybe like good little communists they have neither forgotten or forgiven the Poles for leading the charge of revolution in Eastern Europe that ended nearly fifty years of brutal occupation and led eventually to the end of the Soviet era of Russian Imperialism. 

It's still called Red Square and they still
guard Lenin's rotted corpse.
The Soviet Union my be gone in name but Russian Imperialism never died.  They just transformed from ostensible "international socialists" back into what they always were, Russian Imperialist national socialists.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another Open Letter To The Charlotte Observer.

In a previous post I outlined my contempt for the editorial staff of the Charlotte Observer.  Recent events once again compel me to confront them for their cowardice.  This letter was sent to them on February 17th.

Shame on the publishers and editors of the Charlotte Observer.  Shame on you for your lack of courage, both intellectual and moral.  You know what the truth is about the history of violence that is Islam, but presenting that truth to the public does not serve your political agenda.   Whatever that is and what good it's supposed to do I have yet to figure out, so then let me make a couple of points and then ask if you would dare refute them. 
  • It's pretty well established and undeniable that Islam is deeply and violently anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti western civilization in general. 
  • In its more contemporary forms and directions it is unseverably linked to the horrors of Nazism. 
I won't bore you with a litany of photographs and documentation of the cooperation between Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and Nazis both during World War Two and in the post war period. Perhaps you should watch the last twenty minutes of Otto Preminger's film adaptation of Leon Uris's "Exodus". 

If the President were to invite a representative of the American Nazi Party to the White House would you be offended and express your outrage at such an act on the editorial page if not the front page of the paper?   Of course you would.   You pay lip service in sympathy for the victims in Paris and Copenhagen and produce rhetoric about the importance of "freedom of speech" but when it come to actually speaking the truth about the nature of that violence, your silence is deafening if not defining.

So why then do you remain all but silent when President Obama invites members of that same Muslim Brotherhood organization, that consorted and still sympathizes with the Nazis to this day, into the White House?  Would you have your readers subscribe to the White House's foolish notion that the ISIS butchers aren't Islamic?  OK then answer me this; Just what are the differences between the tactics ISIS is using to conquer today and the tactics Mohamed used in the 7th century?  Would you have us entertain the further foolish notion that the actions of the Crusaders of the middle ages provide a thin justification for ISIS barbarity today?  Ok then answer me this; Just how many tens of thousands of Europeans were carried off into slavery by Islam's Mediterranean pirates and the Caliphs of Spain?

During the 1930s so called reputable media outlets dismissed the stories of Nazi atrocities against the Jews as "rumors" or simply rhetoric that they had used to win power.  A New York Times journalist who was on the scene openly denied the deliberate mass starvation that was being inflicted in Ukraine.  Is that the kind of "journalistic tradition" you are trying to uphold?  The "rumors" of the Holocaust and the Holodomor were only exposed as truth after a long and terrible war and the end of decades of enslavement in the Soviet empire.

The years of denial and appeasement led to a vicious collaboration between Germany and Russia, a global conflagration and Eastern Europe enslaved for nearly five decades.

Today's modern practitioners of virulent anti-Semitism openly declare both their goals of conquest and enslavement of the West, and demonstrate for all the world to see what lies in store for any who stand in their way.  CAIR decries as "hate speech" the accurate labeling of ISIS sawing of the heads of 21 Coptic Christians as "Islamic barbarity".  And the denials and appeasement continues.  

So just what will it take for the editorial policy of the Observer to acknowledge reality?  Must we have our own Islamic no go zones in Charlotte?  Must ISIS raise its flag over the Vatican?  Public beheadings of the College Cardinals at the Spanish Steps?

I don't harbor the slightest illusion that you will publish this in whole or in part, but I feel an obligation to my conscience to present it.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Danial Greenfield has a new post that is a must read.

He has produced so may but this on is spot on.  If Obama or any president had invited an avowed Nazi to the White House the public outcry would be reading.  But he invites the direct inheritors of everything they did and stood for and the public and the media all but turn a blind eye to it.  They're all to busy condemning the Prime Minister of Israel as the devil incarnate.

Was Mick Jagger Right all Those Years Ago? Don't Kid Yourself Otherwise.

When it comes to Ukraine there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of political sophistication or historical perspective going on either in Washington or in commentary.  There exist long standing resentments among Ukrainians against Russia and look standing coveting of Ukraine's agricultural capacity by Russia.

Those of my generation might be well served by pulling out that old Rolling Stones song "Sympathy For The Devil" and giving it a very careful listen.  I doubt Jagger knew how prescient his words would be, but history is funny like that.

In the end the combination of Ukraine's lack of political sophistication, largely due to centuries of Russian repression, and long standing Russian paranoia and insecurity are proving a deadly mix.

All the former Soviet satellite states didn't declare their independence out love for their Russian occupiers.  When they became an independent, sovereign nation Ukraine gave up their former Soviet nukes in exchange for a US guarantee of their territorial integrity.  If we think this situation is scary now, imagine what it would be like if they were facing each other down with nuclear arsenals.

Putin is not just a "former" communist but "former" KGB as well. such is hardly the ground where one would expect anything but the foulest of seeds to grow.  Anyone who thinks that Putin is simply looking out for ethnic Russians in Ukraine is a fool.

The combination and confluence of "pro-Putinism" (to coin a phrase) and naked anti-Semitism is truly frightening.  The Russians were deliberately starving millions of Ukrainians to death and packing millions more into boxcars headed for the Gulag long before the SS cranked up their ovens.  The only difference was that the communists knew what they were doing was criminal and they weren't so stupid as to keep records of the millions they slaughtered.

Someone once said after the defeat of the Nazis, and I paraphrase here, "Don't rejoice in your victory, you have defeated the bastard for now, but the bitch who bore him is always in heat."  That next generation of evil is stalking in the Ukraine and the middle east.  Don't kid yourself otherwise.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Greece is the Word: Here We Go Again, Or Socialists Run Out Of Other Peoples Money And Still Can't Figure Out Who's Fault It Is..

There isn't any doubt that the IMF imposed austerity programs have been a leading cause of the deterioration of the Greek's standard of living and the subsequent violent social unrest.  Unfortunately the new government is most shortsightedly confusing the symptoms with the disease.

Rather than face the harsh realities of bankruptcy, enduring the pain of restructuring, exiting the EURO and moving forward, both sides have engaged in playing blame games, avoiding responsibility and postponing the inevitable.

The truth is there is more than enough blame to go around.  Previous leftwing Greek governments saw joining the EURO  zone as the ticket to every good socialist's dream; the ever expanding welfare state and the government dependent population.   Their fellow traveling leftist bureaucrats in Brussels willfully ignored the utter unsuitability of the Greek economy to join the common currency union, more concerned as they were with their fetid dreams of a united Europe and their own centralized control.

Like all socialists of every strip, they live in a world constructed of an unrealistic and unattainable dream.  Namely that economies and economics can be infinitely forced to conform to their political will.  Unfortunately ignoring history and its lessons doesn't change them.

So now the socialist bureaucrats in Brussels have an internal rebellion on their hands.  A rebellion born of former Greek governments borrowing and spending their way to reelection after reelection and lining their own pockets in the process, all with the complicity of Brussels.  But now the unattainable dream is unravelling faster than a ball of yarn set upon by a litter of kittens.

 The socialists in Athens think that they can selectively abrogate all or part of Greece's debt without consequences for the entire financial house of cards.  The failure of the Credit Default Swaps on Greek debt alone could push the likes of Bank of America and J. P. Morgan/Chase into a naked and undeniable insolvency that will make 2008 look like a joke.  But the bureaucrats in Brussels are continuing on with their unattainable dream by threatening Athens that if they don't come to a new agreement with the Troika, the ECB will cut off the Greek banks from any further funding.  Threatening the bankrupt with bankruptcy is either the pinnacle of absurdity or hubris.

Sadly the new government in Greece is only partially right.  There is no solution for Greece within the context of the ECB or the European Union.  Neither is there a solution in returning to the Drachma and hyperinflation in order to continue the welfare state just so a new batch politicians can buy their reelections and line their pockets.

The reality no one wants to deal with is that there is no viable solution for any of us within the context of private central banks and trying to solve the problems of too much debt by going further into debt.

Only the repudiation of national debts, ALL national debts and the return to asset based currencies will set the world on a path to a production and employment driven recovery.

Alexander Hamilton's reports on banking and manufacturing were right two hundred twenty five years ago.  They still hold powerful lessons for today.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Russian Agression Expands Again

The Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol came under artillery attack yesterday from so-called "rebel forces" in eastern Ukraine.  There are conflicting reports on the number of fatal casualties ranging from 10 to 21.

Hands Up!  Don't shoot (back)!
It's only artillery fire.
Given that the rebel leaders have announced their intentions to expand the territory under their control this aggression is not the result of the local population requesting to be "liberated".  Rather it is nothing more than Russian expansionist desire to create a land bridge to connect to the recently annexed Crimea.  Mariupol lies in the center of their path and of course the needs of "Mother Russia" come first and foremost.  But then Russian oligarchs have been paving the pathways of their political policy in south-eastern Europe with dead Ukrainians for over three centuries.  Why should the 21st century prove any different.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Deadliest of Political Correctness.

Frankly I am sick and tired of all the hypocrisy and kissing of the backsides of the so-called "good Muslims".  Do they exist?  Yes.  The Mayor of Rotterdam Holland is a great example.  He is that rare example of an assimilated Muslim who identifies himself as a Dutchman first and  foremost.  And a courageous one at that.  By his recent statement admonishing that if any of his co-religionists don't like western and specifically Dutch culture to "please pack your bags and go!" he has put his life on the line for what he believes is right.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who is fed up with seeing some Imams, of no particular influence,  get trotted out on network TV shows to speak out of both sides of their mouths.  Out of one side they condemn the perpetrators of whatever ghastly new attack and claim that they are not really Islamic.  Then out of the other they insist that the victims of this violence must have respect and tolerance for the religion from which the violence grew.  We are being played for fools.

Hamas recruits giving the Nazi Salute.
It's all just so much Taqiyya (lying for the sake of Allah).  As Yasser Arafat once said; "I'm willing to kill for my cause. Do you think I wouldn't lie for it?"

In Islam, the Sunna (from which the Sunni sect draws its name) means "to follow the example of Mohammad".  Well the recent attacks in Paris are a perfect example of Sunna and prove the lie of the Imams claiming that the perpetrators are not Islamic.

Leading up to Mohammad's siege of  Medina and the wholesale slaughter of its residents, a famous Jewish poet of the day, Kab Ashraf, among others, wrote pieces that ridiculed and criticized Muhammad.  These works soon found wide circulation in the towns and villages of Western Arabia. Muhammad's response was to send assassination squads into Medina and other Jewish enclaves to kill anyone who would dare criticize Muhammad and his movement.   Thus we have the roots of the use of terror by Islam in order to frighten critics into silence.  After the assassination of Kab Ashraf a delegation of Jews from Medina was sent to Muhammad to complain of his cruel fate at Muhammed's hands. Muhammad replied: “He hurt us (Allah and his messenger) and insulted us with poetry, and one does not do this among you (Jews and polytheists) but he shall be put to the sword.”

So then the assassination of Theo Van Gogh, the attacks against the Danish cartoonists and now the wanton murders in Paris are nothing more than a contemporary exercise in the practice of the Sunna.  Anyone who denies this or makes feeble excuses for it are fools or simply practicing Taqiyya.

Islam is now and has always been a political/military movement covered with a veneer of "religion".   In form and function it is little different than Japanese Shintoism that manifest in Kamikaze attacks and suicidal Banzai charges. (There is a reason Gen. MacArthur insisted that the post war Japanese constitution specifically excluded Shintoism from having any place in the new government.  A history lesson we forgot when we allowed the new governments of Afghanistan and Iraq to be bases on Sharia.)

Shoulder Patch of
the 13th Waffen SS Division.
Note the Islamic Sword
 Such  Imperial death worship (with Muhammad as titular "emperor"), coupled with violent hatred of the Jews was manifested in the long time residence of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in Berlin during WWII and in the greatly feared Hansar SS division that was comprised mostly of  Muslims from the Baltic region and some that entered Europe through Syria and unoccupied Vichy France.

The grand Mufti reviewing his troops of the 13th.
Division. Note the traditional Turkish headgear.
The Mufti referred to them as the "Cream of Islam."
The Bush administration had us fighting this determined enemy with one hand behind our back.  The current administration has undertaken to make sure we have both hands tied.

On a more hopeful note, the Jihadists have created a Frankenstein's monster in the lone self directed jihadist.  The uncoordinated and extremely violent attacks like those in France, the gang rapes that have occurred in Sweden and Germany have begun to take their toll of the consciousness of growing numbers in Europe.  The backlash to decades of "tolerance" and the creation of Islamic "no go" zones, that are the breeding grounds of this hatred and violence,  have spawned new movements that will only grow in size and political influence.  We can only hope that their growth is tempered with wisdom as well as political fervor, lest violent retribution become the order of the day as the deteriorating economic situation in Europe piles frustration upon frustration.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

A New Excuse For War

According to rumor, as published in London's "Daily Mail", France's most wanted woman, Hayat Boumeddiene, has somehow escaped to Syria.  If any definitive evidence comes forth France will no doubt issue a formal request for extradition.  Syria's Basher Assad best think very carefully about his response.  Obama and the UK's PM Cameron have been chomping at the bit for over a year to wage war against Syria and this is the opportunity they have been looking for.

With anti-Islamic movements and demonstrations growing across Europe, if Assad refuses the request, France will fall, almost by default, into a war alliance with the US and the UK.  The combination of Hollande's dismal poll numbers and the historical perceptions of France's influence in Syria, won't give him much choice.

If Assad follows past precedent, namely his father's long standing refusal to extradite indicted Nazi war criminal Alois Brunner, who was Adolf Eichmann's chief secretary, the die will be cast and the propaganda machines on both sides of the Atlantic and the English Channel will kick into high gear.  Western Ground forces in the Levant will become all but an inevitability, with French forces in a figurehead lead.

Hopefully Assad will make the wiser decision and turn Boumeddiene over to the French, (if she is there and/or the rumor hasn't been manufactured precisely as causes belli for war), and averts more war and US direct involvement in a bottomless cesspool of death and destruction. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Another False Dichotomy

There is a false dichotomy between the Brown and the Garner cases.  Brown was clearly a drug addled and or not to bright strong arm thug with a history of using his size to intimidate people. That said we can’t be absolutely sure the police officer wasn’t abusive in his manner and tone when he told Brown and his companion to get out of the .middle of the street. I have no doubt that Brown’s criminal behavior and inclinations contributed to the tragic escalation to then occurred, I can't be certain that the police officer’s attitude wasn’t a contributing factor. Neither can we be certain that police cynicism from dealing with countless previous Michael Browns is unjustified or none contributory.

In contrast the Garner case grew out of “Atlas Shrugged” like absurdities. New York State and New York City have raised and raised and raised the so called “sin taxes” particularly those on cigarettes to such absurd and punishing levels that the city has become a smugglers paradise. Some 60% of all cigarettes are bootlegged in. But rather than reducing tax rates to discourage smuggling and actually increase revenue they have upped the ante on absurdity by not only outlawing the sale of single cigarettes but turning local law enforcement into revenuers enforcing such foolishness.

Not content at having collected taxes at the distribution and retail levels they apparently see the sale of single cigarettes as commerce beyond their reach for taxation. It therefore must be made illegal and such a heinous crime as to warrant violent arrest as opposed to simply issuing a summons.
So what if Garner had a series of petty arrests?   He wasn’t guilty of anything other than filling an economic niche for which there was a demand. A demand created by the state’s and city’s absurd levels of taxation.

Apparently this was not the first time Mr. Garner had been subjected to this kind of petty harassment and for whatever reasons he had had enough. The police clearly over reacted and tragedy ensued.
If amongst all of NYC's myriad problems, enforcing this kind of stupid law is a high priority for the police, then they clearly have too many cops, with too much time on their hands and a badly skewed perspective of what their jobs should be.

I fully recognize the need for police in our society but I will never believe that they are all some heroic bastions of virtue.  They are people like any other and possessed of both virtues and vices, and arguably subject to vice and the temptation to it by the very nature of their power over ordinary citizens.  We have enough real and serious crimes in our cities.  The last thing we need is for the police to be manufacturing them simply to pump up their arrest statistics.